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MF Jebsen
Nature Conservation Foundation

Mr Markus F. Jebsen, Group Executive Chairman of the MF Jebsen Group, founded the MF Jebsen Nature Conservation Foundation in Hong Kong on October 2019.

We collaborate with international NGOs and eco institutes to connect people with nature, arise interest and awareness in conservation and environmental protection as well as inspire people to become influencers in promoting an eco-friendly and sustainable society. 

Auction4Wildife's initiative, we jointly organised public auction for a limited edition of Aston Martin One-77 race car with RM Sotherby and Formula 1 Race in Abu Dhabi on 29th November 2019.

In total, it fetched US$1.275 million. All the proceeds had been donated to the African Parks, an organisation which strives to preserve African wildlife and landscape. Mr Jebsen was also appointed as one of founding members of Asia Pacific Advisory Group in African Parks.

Under another initiative -  "
Reconnecting Community with Nature" - we collaborate with Hong Kong conservation organisations and wildlife experts from June 2020.

The first project was to offer and install a set of water dispenser to local schools, aiming to encourage students to inculcate a habit of "bring your own bottle" from young, and to promote reduced use of single-use disposables so as to reduce plastic waste.

MF Jebsen Nature Conservation Foundation:
Predator's Love


Auction4Wildlife is a global initiative from the charitable MF Jebsen Nature Conservation Foundation, based in Hong Kong. 


All auction proceeds will go to the nominated best-of-the-best conservation organisation to further the goal of Wildlife preservation.

We help conserve the world’s Wildlife by raising funds for best-of-the-best charitable conservation organisations:  directly through auction, and indirectly through raising their profile and introducing them to new potential donors.

Butterfly on Branch

To give Wildlife across the world a better chance at survival

Zebras in Wild


The Earth is currently in the middle of its sixth mass-extinction event. Scientists estimate that we are losing a dozen species each day and forecasts suggest that up to half of all living species could be extinct by the middle of the century.


A loss of this scale leaves our world a poorer, less colourful, less vibrant place - and will ultimately have adverse, unforeseen consequences for the humans that have caused it.   

Silhouette of Elephant


A world where humans and animals can share the planet sustainably





Markus Jebsen, chairman and founder of MF Jebsen Nature Conservation Foundation, has donated the Aston Martin One-77 for auction by RM Sotheby’s at its first-ever auction in the Middle East, held in partnership with Formula 1® and set for 30 November 2019 at the FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX 2019.



The most exclusive Aston Martin model of the modern era, the One-77 is a hypercar that fuses advanced technology with stunning design. All proceeds from the auction of the car was donated to African Parks. 

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